A Retainer Model Offering Personalized Comprehensive Service

Why Choose a Retainer Model?

In the field of healthcare today, many people feel that the personal touch of a traditional patient care is being lost. While physicians struggle to manage immense patient loads, preferred appointments become scarce, wait times are increasing, and actual time spent with the doctor is undoubtedly hurried. Navigating the healthcare system can be frustrating, confusing, and time consuming. As a result, I have decided to take a new approach, and focus my practice on individual personalized preventative and wellness care.

By limiting the number of patients I serve, I am more accessible and better able to meet their immediate and long-term healthcare needs. We focus on preventative health and early detection, so when you take action to monitor the top five health risk factors such as high blood pressure or cholesterol, obesity, stress, smoking, and lack of exercise, you are promoting a lifetime of good health. Using a little foresight and precaution to detect a serious illness is far better than waiting until the treatment is longer, harder, or simply too late.

Early detection of conditions such as cardiovascular disease and metabolic disorders that include an increased sensitivity to diabetes and high cholesterol is key to proactive therapy and treatment. Often simple lifestyle changes can impact your overall health and may even avert possible medical treatments in the future.

About Our Program

Dr. Dedinsky’s Mission

My mission is to provide the most comprehensive medical care in the Valley at an affordable price. I believe in individualized and thorough medical care. Our program offers unparalleled accessibility, appointments that are never hurried, and an annual physical exam that is not billed to your insurance.

Dr Dedinsky has been our primary care doctor for 15 years.  He has always provided excellent and professional care. He spends the time to explain what he is doing and answer questions. We give him our highest rating!

Greg and Chris




Dr. Dedinsky is one of the most wonderful doctors I have ever come across. He literally saved my life. Took me from being morbidly obese to what I am today. If I had to describe Dr. Brian Dedinsky in one word, it would be phenomenal.  Satisfaction guaranteed!





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